Through visiting our BSL Support Sessions, Julie and Mike were each awarded Personal Independence Payments (PIP) enabling them to manage their finances and live more independently. 

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Mike and Julie visited our BSL Support Session for assistance completing their PIP forms.  They are both profoundly deaf, with no speech and have difficulty reading complex forms and documents. 

We contacted the DWP on their behalf and arranged for an extended deadline allowing time to complete the applications thoroughly. 

Due to communication barriers, we contacted their GP on their behalf to request and obtain the medical evidence required to support their PIP claims.  


We supported Mike and Julie to complete their PIP forms, gathered their supporting documents and submitted the applications to DWP. The applications were successful, and they were awarded PIP. 

Mike and Julie said: 

“We don’t know what we would have done without you, but one thing is certain, we wouldn’t have our benefits”.