Through working with Your Support, Georgia developed digital skills, addressed her alcohol use and found volunteering opportunities which have helped her to live more inclusive, healthy, independent, and happy life.

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Georgia’s Story

Georgia was alcohol dependent and as a result has chronic health conditions.  She was also very depressed and socially isolated.

Her Key Worker at Your Support helped her to identify her goals.  Georgia knew she needed to address her drinking, so she was referred to Pathfinder. She also wanted help to clear her property which was cluttered.  Her Keyworker referred her to Home Support and helped Georgia coordinate her appointments with Pathfinder and Home Support, attending appointments with both services until she felt able to engage with these services independently.

Georgia and her Key Worker worked together to identify her strengths and aspirations.  A number of years ago, Georgia used to volunteer at a local community centre so her Key Worker encouraged her to approach them to see if any volunteer placements were available.  Georgia was delighted to be able to volunteer there for a few hours a week. Georgia also identified she would like to improve her digital skills so her Key Worker referred her to Startpoint who were able to provide 121 support for her.

Georgia really appreciated the support from Pathfinder and as her alcohol use was now stable, she was put on the waiting list for an inpatient detox.  Georgia identified that she would be at risk of relapse if she was discharged from detox with nothing to fill her days.  Her Key Worker referred her to Community Support- Georgia was signposted to a Signing Course and volunteer placements as well as other activities in her community.

Georgia completed her detox.  She was able to return home to a clean and tidy flat with plenty to keep her occupied.

‘I’d highly recommend it (Your Support), it's very personable, yet professional at the same time.

It has really helped to manage my brief on moving forward and progressing in my journey to be consistent, sober and positive about the opportunities I have been given to better myself. I feel like a whole person now, thank you’.