Through working with Your Support, Jim regained his independence and is living a more inclusive, independent, and happy life.

 #One Stockport #One Heart #One Home #One Future 

Jim’s story

Jim had moved to a new flat. Shortly after he moved, he had had a fall and was in a coma for five months.  When he recovered, he was a permanent wheelchair user.


Before his fall, Jim paid all his bills in cash from his Post Office Account.  The Post Office were closing all their accounts so Jim needed to open a bank account.  He had no ID or proof of address and he felt anxious that he would not be able to access his money or pay his bills.


Jim’s Key Worker supported him to access a new Post Office Card and organised a wheelchair accessible taxi to accompany him to open a new bank account.  Together, they changed Jim’s address with the DWP.  Jim hadn’t had chance to register with his utility providers before his fall so his Key Worker helped him to do this and set up direct debits.  Once this was sorted, his Key Worker supported him to go shopping for some new clothes.   Jim registered with Age UK’s shopping service and now has fortnightly food delivery.

Jim became increasingly frustrated about his loss of independence- he always needed someone to push his wheelchair.  His Key Worker helped Jim to research mobility scooters online and organised for a Mobility Shop to visit Jim so they could discuss options together. 

Jim now has a mobility scooter and this has made a huge difference to his life.  He can go to the shops, pick up his prescriptions and meet his friends at the pub for a lunchtime pint.

‘I was in the wilderness.  I didn’t have a clue where to start with my bills and couldn’t get my money because I’d lost my Post Office Card.  I was depressed- I was housebound and this got me down.  My Key Worker is worth her weight in gold.  Now I can do almost all the things I used to and feel positive about my future’.