If you are supporting a friend, neighbour, relative or partner that would struggle to manage without you because of illness, disability, frailty, a long-term condition (including mental illness or dementia) or addiction then you are a carer, and Stockport’s Carer Support Hub is here for you!

We believe that being a carer should not be a barrier to leading a fulfilling life. 

Some people become a carer overnight. For others it is a much more gradual process. It can take years to recognise that someone depends on you for emotional and/or practical support. We encourage anyone with a caring responsibility to register with the Carer Support Hub, even if you don’t need help right now. As a carer, it is important to know that someone is here for you, when you need it – and that’s what we’re here for!

We have a team of experienced carer support workers who are here to listen to your story. This includes colleagues who are specialists in supporting carers of people struggling with their mental health. We have a wide range of practical and emotional support available, including counselling and therapeutic group sessions. We also offer a diverse range of activities and groups happening right across the borough of Stockport. These are a chance for you to take some time out of your caring role and meet others who are in a similar situation. Our carer assessment workers will work with you to look at how being a carer impacts you and the resources that are available to support you in this caring role. This includes connecting you with the many other carers groups in Stockport. We are also keen to hear what is important to you with respect to carers and caring and invite you to join our carers’ network.

The Carer Support Hub is open to all adults who live in Stockport or live outside the borough but cares for someone that lives in SK1 – SK8. We will work with you to understand your circumstances and provide information and advice or link you with other organisations and useful resources. We can also refer you directly to other services within Stockport Support Hub.

Contact Us

Our phone lines are open from 8:30am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

You can contact us through email, webchat or social media outside of these hours or talk to one of the team when we’re out and about (visit the website or give us a call to find out when we’re near you!). We can also offer flexible appointments that work for you, at our Heaton Moor office or at a location that suits you.