Brief background to case study 
SB is a single mum of a 6 years old son. SB has high anxiety, depression and has physical health issues and waiting for an operation. 

Why? What was the reason for their referral 
SB was referred to Community Hub by Support Pathway. She’s getting help from Healthy Mind and has a keyworker supporting her with finance. SB was very isolated when she referred to Community Hub. She did not have any friends or relatives living in the area. She was looking some social activities for herself and for her son, where they both can join and create friendship.  

What support did you give and how?
During Initial Meeting, the Engagement Worker recognise some needs and advised on what support Community Hub can provide to SB. 
SB doesn’t like the situation she was in and wanted a change. Due to her physical and mental health, she lost some weight, her cloths weren’t fitting her properly and she wasn’t feeling comfortable in them, which was affecting her confident for going out and meeting new people. Our Engagement Worker applied under Help Support Fund and sent her £50 love to shop vouchers, so she can get some new cloths. 
The Community Hub Engagement Worker sent her voucher code for the Food Bank, to help her reduce the stress and financial worry until her benefits gets in place. 
Engagement Worker attended Crafty Women’s activity with SB at Re:dish Hub to build her confidence, SB seems to enjoy the session but she felt the art group is not for her. 
Community Hub also introduced SB to a Boxing Group at Zestus boxing run by Boost. EW filled the Boots referral form and took SB to the Zestus Fitness and attended the boxing session with SB. SB really enjoyed the session, the session was very well supported by the trainer too, which helped to boost SB’s confidence. 
SB wanted to try the session again but was very anxious. SW offered to travel together in the public transport, which helped SB a lot. Due to personal circumstances and childcare during school holidays, SB was unable to join the group regularly, but attended where possible. 
Due to high anxiety, SB wasn’t attending her face-to-face counselling sessions.  Her Community Hub Engagement Worker spoke to SB’s therapist and arranged a joint visit and took SB to the session. SB continue the face-to-face session independently, which made a massive difference to her confidence. The therapist gave information about the Stockport Women’s Centre, SB registered with them and planned a visit to attend a group all by herself. 
Her Engagement Worker also signposted SB to a mum’s group regularly meets at ARC. SB visited the group with a friend she made at her son’s school with their children and will continue as an ad hoc.
The Community Hub also provided information of OWLS coffee morning and emergency’s numbers if needed as SB asked. 
What’s next?
SB needed extra support in gaining some confidence and to overcome with her anxiety. SB’s referral recently closed. 

The future
SB was planning some family activities with her son during school summer holidays. She told her Engagement Worker that the support she received, helped her to create a stronger relationship with her son. And she was feeling more confident going to the groups.
SB will join the Boxing again when the school reopens as that really helped her with her confidence. SB said that she will also visit the groups frequently.