What was happening when the person first got in touch with the Stockport Domestic Abuse Support?

Martin was referred in December 2023 by Adult Social Care. This was due to a court directed child arrangements order being issued, which concluded that Martin was to have no contact with his child. This was due to him being verbally abusive and making threats during the court process.

At the time Martin had just finished an 18-month probation order for assault on his ex-partner.

Martin really struggled to manage his emotions.

What were the person’s goals?

Martin wanted support to address his harmful behaviours to be able to see his child in the future. He wanted to understand his emotions more and stated, “I want to change and become a better person for my daughter”.

What support did the person receive from Stockport Domestic Abuse Support?

Martin is currently on session 9 of the 10-week Striving to Change programme.

During the initial 1-1 sessions Martin appeared to be accepting responsibility for his use of harmful behaviours in his relationship, however, he would often blame his partner and be in denial of some of his own actions. This was challenged and Martin was supported to reflect on his thoughts and associated actions.

At the mid-way point of the programme Martin there was a visible shift in Martin’s attitude. He demonstrated that he was truly accountable for his harmful behaviours. In looking at his own triggers and feelings and childhood he could identify the link between these and his actions. He took responsibility which was real progress for him.

From session 5 to 10 there was no longer any partner blaming or denial.

Martin completed sessions on time out and grounding strategies, what is domestic abuse, accountability and responsibility, apologies, parenting styles, communication, empathy and love and the impact of domestic abuse on children.

These sessions were tailored to Martin and his individual situation and circumstances.

Martin fully engaged in discussions and tasks in the sessions, he asked insightful questions and could give appropriate examples. He was honest and open with the facilitator and could identify abusive behaviours. For example, during the session on communication he stated how he would use controlling language towards his ex-partner.

Martin has reported no further domestic abuse and is using the strategies given to him.

Feedback from client

Martin stated he could relate the content of the sessions to his life, and this is really helping him, and stated “I am learning a lot”.