Through the guidance and information provided by Stockport Support Hub, Lara was able to use her digital skills to independently contact services who can help to resolve her financial concerns.

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Lara’s Story

Lara contacted Stockport Support Hub for financial support. Lara has a history of mental health difficulties and is already on the waiting list for CBT therapy.  


Lara has debts of around £5000 and her only income is from benefits. In addition, her pre-payment meter screen is blank so she cannot tell when her energy is about to run out and needs topping up. Lara has struggled communicating with her supplier who are supposed to be replacing the meter. 


Lara had run out of food and was unable to get to the foodbank. Her pets had not eaten for 2 days. We delivered a foodbank parcel to Lara the same day and ensured this included pet food.


Lara advised she could confidently use emails and access websites, so we were able to provide information for Lara to follow up independently.


We signposted Lara to SMBC’s Debt Advice Service, Lara used the online booking to set up an appointment with a specialist advisor. We also provided Lara with a link to EnergyWorks, and she made a self-referral so that they can support her to address the issues with her energy supplier. We also provided details on the Council’s Household Support Grant so that Lara could access this online.


Lara has been referred to Your Support for help completing a PIP claim to maximise her income. Your Support will also ensure Lara has the right services in place to address her debts, mental health and energy issues moving forward.



Appendix A

One Heart

2- A healthy and happy Stockport

People live the best lives they can – happy, healthy and independently

  • How have people been supported to improve their physical/mental health?
  • How have people been supported to improve their wellbeing?

3- A strong and supportive Stockport

Confident and empowered communities working together to make a difference

  • People are supported to access their community and to contribute to the development of a strong community offer, ensuring that people who access ASC support/services are represented and included in the wider community offer
  • Providers contribute to the development of the community offer and have made good links to this on a partnership level 

One Home

1- A fair and inclusive Stockport

A borough for everyone – diversity and inclusion is celebrated and everyone has equity of opportunity

  • How have you ensured that diversity and inclusion is celebrated within your service and with the people you support?
  • How have you ensured that the people you support have the same opportunities, access to services, and rights?



2 – A flourishing and creative Stockport

Stockport is an exciting place to live, where people are active and celebrate culture

  • People have been supported to enjoy the place they live and to take full advantage of all that Stockport has to offer
  • People have been supported to understand and celebrate different cultures and have enjoyed culturally specific events taking place across the borough

One Future

2- A skilled and confident Stockport

Everyone has the opportunities and skills to successfully achieve their ambitions

  • How have you supported people to achieve outcomes in the following areas to improve their lives and promote independence in the longer term (please select one or more of the following) - financial independence, social inclusion, education, training, employment and meaningful activities?
  • How have you supported people to develop new skills, including in relation to their independent living skills?
  • How have you supported people to recognise their strengths, to build their resilience and improve their support networks?

3 – A radically digital Stockport

A digitally inclusive and dynamic borough

  • How have you supported people to use technology and develop digital skills?
  • How have you as a provider contributed to the One Stockport digital inclusion strategy / DigiKnow?


Appendix B