Through working with Your Support, John developed new digital skills that have helped him to live a more inclusive, independent, and happy life.

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John’s Story

John is partially sighted and had a large tablet and projector to use the internet, unfortunately these items were stolen. 


When John moved home, he found himself unable to set up benefits or his utilities. He was unable to access the internet on his smart phone because it was too small. He had to wait for his housing provider to send someone out to help.  He said, ‘It was so frustrating, I was sat in the cold because I couldn’t see’.


After getting in touch with Your Support, John and his Key Worker explored a range of tablets and ordered the tablet he used to have online. Together, John and his Key Worker set up large font and icons and installed Apps on the home screen so John could access them independently.  


Being online has helped John regain his independence. John has since set up online banking, his Key Worker helped him to save his card details so that he no longer relies on someone reading them to him. John now shops online and uses the British Gas App to top up his meters.  


‘I had to ask people to help me- they didn’t always have time and I felt like a burden.   I wanted to do things for myself, but I just couldn’t. When I had to top up my electric at the shop, I was scared I was going to fall and if my pain was bad, I just couldn’t get there so I would be cold and have no TV. It’s important I feel independent and know I can do things for myself. I couldn’t have done that without the tablet and the support from my Key Worker.’