Through working with Your Support James’s confidence has grown, he has a support network and has improved his physical and mental health. He has improved his parenting skills and is supporting the wellbeing of his children.

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James contacted Stockport Support Hub via the online form, his children had recently returned from being in care and he needed help with heating and food.  The Support Hub issued a foodbank voucher, made an application for a fuel voucher and made an urgent referral to Your Support.  

James met his Key Worker from Your Support whilst his children were at school.  James had been sorting his finances and applied for all relevant benefits.  James explained ‘When my partner left, we were in dire straits, our income halved.  I couldn’t see how we could survive.  I had to give up my job to look after my kids and it was isolating being a lone parent’. James was in debt and did not have any kitchen appliances - these had belonged to his ex-wife.

James’s Key Worker supported him to contact Stockport Debt Advice and his energy supplier and helped him to set up online accounts so he could manage his bills.  Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax were updated to advise that the children were back home. 

James had been through a very difficult time, his Key Worker discussed Open Door so if he ever found himself in crisis, he would know where to turn.  James had previously drunk alcohol to excess but had been abstinent for over 9 months.  His Key Worker encouraged him to continue to attend AA and ensure his own needs were met, as well as those of his children.

My Key Worker helped me to identify what my goals were and how to achieve them, we talked a lot about my priorities. At first, I couldn’t deal with things on my own - I had too much going on, so my Key Worker contacted people on my behalf.  My Key Worker was a good motivator, he helped me do things for myself, so that I understand how to do it next time… he made me realise I am resilient and gave me inspiration’. 

Your Support provided emotional and practical help, once James’s finances were stable, he was able to buy a washing machine.  James focused on applying for a Special Guardianship order for his children and worked with the children’s Social Worker and Mosaic to support the children’s emotional needs. 

James has been encouraged to connect with his community and he is looking forward to working with Community Support.  James now has self-care days where he meets a friend and goes for a walk. 

James says that due to Your Support, ‘The pressure was lifted, my load was lightened.  My Key Worker supported me to see that I had become isolated and that this had knocked my confidence. I had to push myself and I have started a walking group and I am joining a music group’.