Through working with Stockport Support Hub, Rufus was able to access a Key Worker from Your Support to quickly address his immediate needs.

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A Social Worker at Stepping Hill Hospital referred Rufus an 80-year-old gentleman, was for a benefits check.

Rufus had spent a month in hospital due to a fall.  We struggled to get in touch as Rufus did not return our calls or respond to letters.  We kept trying and eventually arranged to meet.  Rufus had had further falls and was undergoing tests to establish the cause .  He cancelled Care Call due to the cost.

We supported Rufus to claim Attendance Allowance so he could afford Care Call.  Until his claim was processed, he was at high risk due to his frequent falls.  We referred him to Adult Social Care and advocated on his behalf and they paid for Care Call in the interim.  We also referred Rufus to Equipment, Aids and Adaptations so that bath rails, grab rails and chair raisers were provided for him.  We also referred Rufus to Greater Manchester Fire Service who completed a fire risk assessment at his home.

Rufus said;

My Your Support Key Worker was the first person who helped me make progress - I had been so ill.  I couldn’t work out what I should be doing, who I should be calling, and I felt very unsafe in my home.

She was tremendous.  I am sad that she can't work with me longer, but there's nothing for her to do now!  She was very proactive and got me organised and other people organised too.  It’s a great relief to me.  I feel safer than I have done in a long time".