Through working with Your Support, Norah can attend her hospital appointments, is receiving the right benefits and can live a more independent, and happy life. 


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Norah is terminally ill and had started to miss important hospital appointments as she couldn’t afford the taxi fare.  Norah was struggling at home and was feeling overwhelmed.

We supported Norah to claim benefits, organise her bus pass and taxi vouchers and liaised with the washing machine insurance company so the washing machine could be fixed. 

With guidance, Norah was able to renew her PIP claim and increased her income.

We helped Norah’s daughter apply for a Blue Badge so that she can take her Mum to hospital appointments.

We liaised with Nora’s housing provider, and she will soon be provided with an adapted bathroom.

We also referred Norah to Stockport Local Assistance Scheme who provided Norah with a grant for essential items. 

Norah had scalded herself when struggling to lift her kettle, we referred Norah to Age UK’s Household Support Fund and Norah received vouchers to buy a one cup kettle and lightweight kitchen utensils.

We worked together with Norah who now feels in control of her finances and able to attend her vital hospital appointments.

Norah said;

I'd lost my confidence completely. My illness wears me down and I have problems with my memory.  I struggle to remember where I am up to with things and who I have spoken to.

It takes a lot to ask for help and to invite someone into your home and to trust them.  The moment I met my Key Worker from Your Support I felt like I had known her all my life, she put me at ease straight away and I could tell her anything.  I couldn't fault her; she's been amazing, and I feel I can cope again.  She's helped me emotionally, with my finances and my housing. If she didn't know about something, she would go away and find out. 

She helped me come up with solutions for myself and made me realise that I can cope and do things I previously thought I couldn't.

I didn't know there was help like this, I am forever grateful.